What about shredded paper for brooder liter?


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Jan 5, 2012
I have tons of shredded paper. Does anyone see any conflict with using it as brooder liter? It's cross-cut (very small). I'm concerend they may try to eat it? I'll remove the plastic pieces, of course.
I use shredded paper in my brooder boxes all the time. Easy clean-up and they don't try to eat it at all. I haven't had any problems with it. I had all my layers in it while they were inside and still have my banty babies in it now. They snuggle right into it just like hay. I just add more as it flattens like hay but it cleans up easy when wet or messy.
I used some last week until i could get more shavings... OMG it smelled so bad after 1 day. Seriously. They spilled some of the water when i was gone plus the poop and i dont know why but gag! As soon as I got them back on shavings the smell was gone.

Excuse typos sent from my phone!
I didn't think about the smell factor

Good point!
I use shredded paper whenever I don't have shavings readily available.
The paper will smell real bad quickly and will need to be changed more often, but it works in a pinch.


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