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    Jun 10, 2009
    This is what I was thinking. I was going to get a chicken that is prone to being broody. I would give her eggs to hatch when she does. Some would be silkies, some wouldn't. When they hatched and was old enough the standards would go in with my flock I have now and the silkies would stay in the area they were in originally from hatching.
    HERE is the problem, question, whatever you want to call it. I don't know if the hen I get should be a standard that would go with the standard chicks to my existing flock OR have her be a silkie that would stay with the baby silkies. The reasons I don't know is because I was thinking if she was a standard she might still protect the young ones from my existing flock if her mothering instincts were still there or she could simply have already pushed them out on their own and then maybe she would be picked on because she is all on her own.
    If the hen is a silkie though she would be apart of only two little babies and I would kinda like them all the same age growing up together since there woudl be so few. On top of that, it forces the others to be all by themselves when being introduced. (which, yes, I know has and can happen just fine).

    SO what is ya'lls opinion? Oh, almost forgot. I do know that it is not guaranteed that the hen I get would become broody but in the event it does and my wishes came true than what would you do??

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