What age and how close to laying are the hens?


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Oct 11, 2018
Hey there, new member here and I need help please! I recently purchased a trio of bantam chickens. The lady told me she had a friend who said they were around 6 months old. They were supposed to be Old English bantams but the rooster has a comb like a sebright, and one hen has a black head and a crest and they're pretty tiny. I was wondering if anyone could take a guess at their ages and when the hens will begin to lay. I'll post pictures as soon as possible. Thanks!


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@DobieLover @SueT And thank you both, I've been a big fan of this site for a while, finally got around to downloading the app! I love the Svarthöna thread, they've been very helpful when I was raising mine. I also plan to post the pictures and some advice from what I've learned about them. I've seen tons of folks who wanted pictures of them as they grow and I've taken pics of my honas since they were 2 weeks old.

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