What AGE are these chicks?


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Pardon my ignorance, but I've never had chicks this young before.

I bought this lot of 6 chicks and their mother hen Friday from renowned araucana breeder Nancy Utterback. They were hen hatched in her barn, and Nancy has been on the go a lot this summer so the exact hatch date is unknown. When I contacted Nancy on Oct. 8th to see if she had anything for sale she described them as "a few months old, in the ugly stage of feathering out and could leave the hen." Well, Nancy was leaving for Florida the next day so I had to wait until she returned to get them. I picked them up on Friday. I asked again how old they were and she said "at least 3 months". But when I google 12 week old araucanas, they do not appear to be that advanced.

Can anyone tell from the attached video how old the chicks are? Their mother is in the background for size reference. I know FOR SURE at least 2 are cockerels and 2 are pullets. The other two are still up in the air. (The black mottled tufted cockerel at the end...I am so excited about him! He is going to be GORGEOUS!! :love)


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