what age can you tell sex of Turkey?

My midget whites are about six weeks old and one of them, the biggest one is starting to get a red dewlap, the other three are not. He also has the heaviest bones in his leg and the thickest toes. An his skull is bigger.
The smaller breeds do tend to develop sooner than the larger breeds. Some you can tell by feather color like the Bourbon Reds.

Basic rule of thumb, the toms will have thicker legs, be bigger overall. Once they start to feather out and loose the fuzz the toms won't grow any feathers on their neck.

If you ever come to the Eastern side of the state I could show you how to vent sex them. It's not hard at all if you know what to look for.

Steve in NC
i have been trying to figure mine out...
the thicker legs, no feathers on the neck...i may have three toms, not sure though, just have to wait. i have given up...
my young poult is losing feathers on the top of its head???? is that normal??? or is it from sticking its head through the chicken wire?

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