What age do Polish hens begin laying?


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I have 2 Polish hens and they are approx. 6 months old. I have not seen 1 egg from either girl. Do they take longer to develop and begin laying eggs? I also have 2 roosters and want to see if I can hatch any chicks. The wait is killing me.
I have a few very broody buff orphingtons that I think will do an excellent job setting the eggs.
I had one Polish hen once, but she got bit by a black widow spider, and died.
But I will say that I heard that they don't lay as well as some other breeds. So maybe they are just taking longer since from what I've heard they are not kept for their laying ability or for meat.
They should start laying at the age of 8-10 months. Unsure about rooster maturity but I was under the impression they are fairly fertile at 9 months of age. My polish hens tended to lay eggs that looked like they had two narrow ends. Was bizarre.
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Mine didn't lay until she reached nearly one year old - last spring's chick and I just started getting eggs about 3 weeks ago. She lays about 4 times a week. It was a LONGGGGGGGG wait!
Mine have all only taken about 5 or 6 months. They lay quite sporatically though, several eggs, then a month off then a few more eggs, etc.
I have a hatchery polish, she started laying at 5 months, but I didn't notice until 6 months.
Mine is a hatchery Polish and didn't start to lay until she was 10 months! I'm surprised though because she lays about 5 days/week and I thought they only laid about twice a week so not too shabby!

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