What age does a chicken quick laying and if eggs are in the next will they lay on them still/


6 Years
5 Years
Mar 26, 2015
Just got some 2 year old hens not sure the breed but, they are not laying eggs right now will they still lay eggs or if you put fake eggs or another chicken lays an egg will they lay on them still? We have a roster and they look heath to me, so just wanted to ask.
I know all chickens are different and some breeds lay longer than others. My mother has a mutt chicken I hatched for her about 8 years ago that lays about 4 eggs a week.

A lot of times chickens will stop laying for awile in a new environment so I would give them time to settle in. The fake eggs sure won't hurt and might encourage them a little. Good luck with the new ladies. :)

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