What age is best for telling the breeds of the chicks?


7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Tacoma Washington
Mine are 8 days old. They were supposed to be silkies but they are not! I recently was given 3 dozen silkie eggs and they are much smaller eggs then what these chicks came from.
these are from 5 white eggs, and one deep dark brown egg. The orangish chick is from the dark brown egg. 2 white ones have feathered legs. In the second pic the one from the brown egg is laying down.
Thanks. I don't know much about breeds. I am use to having RIRs and leghorns (along with a few random breeds). I'm not sure what these chicks are but I hope that the one from the dark brown egg is a hen. I'd love dark brown eggs. I'm pretty sure my white ones are leghorn mix's. But it's just throwing me off with two red chicks looking alike but one came from a white egg, and one from a dark brown egg.

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