What age so Serama Hens start to lay??


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What age so Serama Hens start to lay??

I have 6 cute girls who are about 5-6 months old. These are my first Seramas so I am just wondering when I'll get cute little eggs. I am also extied as I have 5 little roosters too! I hatched them all and I want to hatch my own eggs.

Thank you.
I wanna know too! I have one little girl who's so red in her face and comb, and Rohaus chases her all over the place so mercilessly, but so far no eggs. She's between 4 and 5 months old.
Laurel - I'm still waiting for my girl to lay and she's right at six months I believe! Her face and little lopperdop are red so it should be any day now!

Here are some links I've found that generally range from 4.5 mos. to 5 mos. is when you can expect them to lay. Since all of my other chicken breeds tend to lay earlier than expected, my little Molly must be making up for it.
Either that or Rohaus won't give her a minute to sit down and lay one!


I'll be back with more linkys as I find them...
Here's what I'm starting to wonder...My Molly is very small. Really small, like a dove small. I'm borrowing the postal scale from work today and I'm going to weigh her tonight.
If she's a size "A" therein lies my problem. Micro's and A's just don't reproduce. Well, an A can reproduce but it is very unlikely. A "B" is where you need to be if you want babehs. Sooo.....

Here's Jerry's site and it's a wealth of information.

I used to have a really tiny serama hen she was "A" and she start laying really well , I collected about 15 eggs from her then she got broody,when she start laying again after she layed 6 eggs ,she start laying eggs that didn't have shell O.O ,so someone told me that she was needing some calcium ,so I buy some birds calcium and start mixing it with her food and then she start laying pretty fertile eggs ..so if you take care of the lil hens class "A" they can be really good layers and her eggs are so small like the same size of the BOB white Quails .
I have 3 little girls 2 are younger bitties. the other one I was told she has laid eggs before I am not sure if she has or not. so I am waiting to see if she Wil lay I am wanting to bred her to my little male

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