What age to eat Bronze turkey?


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I have 4 bronze turkeys that were born in March. I was planning on saving at least one until Thanksgiving. Now, I'm worried
that at 8 months he may be too tough. What is the proper age for good turkey meat?
20 weeks for the double breasted, and 30 weeks, which is close to 7 month old, for the single breasted is about the time when the cost of feed to weight ratio it at it's peak . So these are the numbers that are usually present here. Turkeys are usually slow cooked, so the age is not as important as it may be for a chicken that would be fried, so 8 month normally does not equal a tough turkey. You do need to make sure you age the meat for 24 hours below 36 degrees before cooking or freezing no matter what age they are. You can also soak the meat in a brine solution which some people say helps.
Most people who butcher themselves quick chill the carcass in ice water. Then aging at normal fridge temps is just fine. Figure in the range of 40 degrees in the lower "meat" drawers. For heritage birds aging for several days prior to cooking or freezing greatly improves quality.
How do you do that? Fridges are usually 40 degrees. So how do you age the meat below 36 degrees before you freeze it?

36 degrees is what the USDA recommends, using ice water is the most common way to get to 36 degrees. 40 degrees works but that temp does not completely stop bacteria growth while the meat rest. Many people use a refrigerator and have no problems. Depending on how many birds we butcher depend on what method we use to rest and chill the birds.


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