What am I doing wrong?


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Feb 25, 2012
Central FL
Ok, I began incubating at the end of August. I have hatched chicks, quail, and ducklings.both quail and ducklings have hatched without s problem... However, I seem to have a high rate of leg problems with chicks. Here's is my situation.
I have hatched only 15 chicks, and three of those have had leg problems, spayed leg and one chick that was a "scooter". All three chicks have been from different sources, and different hatches. Here are pictures of the chicks:

This was the first; a black copper Marans that I got locally.


The second was a blue Marans that was a shipped egg. I unfortunately lost the picture of him. He leg was bent backwards. It stuck straight back.

The most recent in a bantam Cochin that hatched today from my own flock.

I put him in a shot glass to try to treat him

I use a wonderful hova bator genesis 1588 with a turner, and a still air little giant as a hatcher. The genesis hold a solid temp at 99 and humidity is a breeze with the tray. I have logged the incubation and it holds at 45-50. The still air holds a pretty good temp at 100, I do have a hard time getting the humidity up, even with a sponge and those little water balls.

So is there something I am doing, or not doing to create this problem? Should I stop using the still air and only hatch in the genesis?

Help me!!
I'm by no means an expert but I know they don't recommend newpaper for the brooder floor. I notice the one picture it seems there is paper towel in there. While better than newspaper I would think it too might slip around.

Hopefully some of the more experienced hatchers will show up with more help.
Ah thank you for reminding me of talking about that.

The first two where both put onto shavings when hatched. I tried the the paper as an alternative once I noticed the problem. The one hatched today has been kept on a wire bottom to try to help it.

All three hatched with this problem which is why I am thinking I am doing something wrng... It was not something try developed as they grew.
I have this problem with LG incubator or home made incubator as well. I think the temp fluctuated when incubating that caused problems.

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