What Am I Missing? Sick Rooster!

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    I have a 15 month old Buff Orpington rooster that about a month ago was deposed as Alpha male by one of the other roosters. No big fight, no injuries. He suddenly just wasn't in charge any more and started to act 'droopy' for want of a better word. Appetite normal. Drinking well, We figured he was just thumped good by the other rooster and would be okay. Well, he didn't improve. We noticed that his comb and wattles started looking pale and when I finally caught him, I was shocked by how much weight he had lost and how fast.

    My first thought, parasites. I do a preventative worming for Coccidia in spring and fall. Nobody had funky poo so I rewormed for Coccidia using Corid at 1.5 tsp per gallon of water for 5 days I waited 24 hours and wormed with Ivermectin paste wormer on the 23rd. I wanted to use SafeGuard but I couldn't find liquid around me and needed to get the job done. He actually got a least a double dose as he kept stealing squares of 'treatment' bread from us so we know he got treated.

    My rooster perked up a little, not back to normal but he was strutting around the run at times, Getting agitated when he saw one of the junior cockerels mate one of the older hens. We thought he was on the mend. Then the last two days he has steadily gone down hill again. He is not coming out of the coop for treats, but still eating and drinking. Last night and this morning he seems a bit unsteady on his feet. If he turns too fast his leg will turn under him.

    What is going on here? Worm overload? Worm die off? Or something else?

    At this point in time I feel that if I don't come up with a treatment and solution fast, he's heading for that rainbow bridge.

    I thought about redosing him with Corid again as it is about 10 days since his last treatment. Redosing with Ivermectin is due on Sunday. But if he is Suffering from dead worm overload, giving him more medicine might just be the final nail in his coffin.

    Let me add that he has no sign of respiratory problems and the rest of the flock is as healthy as young horses.
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    Boy that is a tough one to figure out.

    Myself, I would not give him any more wormers. I would separate him so you can pump him full of probiotics such as apple cider vinegar, fermented food, vitamins and such. Poly-visol without iron is what I use. No treats, just his food. I tend to try and build up their immune system until I can figure out what I am dealing with.Sometimes you never find out what it is. Do you think he could of gotten hold of a poisonous plant or some bad food?
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    Forgot to ask:
    Did you check him real good for mites or lice?
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    Yep, 16 paws, checked for lice and mites first off. Clean. They don't free range due to the predators we have here. Lots of big hawks, owls and eagles about. And I'm sure he didn't get a hold of anything the others didn't eat also and everyone else is fine. The only think I've seen him eat was believe it or not, a drop of bird poo that he saw hanging on the chain link fence. I tried to grab it away from him but he gulped it down like it was divinity. YUCK!
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    Is he hanging in there today?[​IMG]
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    Thank you for asking, 16 paws. My Red is actually doing some better today. Yesterday we decided that we had nothing left to try or loose with him so we started dosing him with an antibiotic We had on hand. Our vet couldn't help us as he knows nothing about chickens. He's treated ostriches and emus but not chickens. I tried to convince him that a chicken is just an ostrich with out long legs and necks but I couldn't convince him. I knew if we didn't try something it was going to be too late. I didn't know if I was going to find him dead, worse or no change this morning when I opened the coop so I was pleasantly surprised when who comes outside for the first time in 5 days with the hens? Red. He is a lot more alert, his color is better. He is moving about the coop with then hens and gobbled down a bowl of oatmeal with bran and raisins, sunflower seeds and a pro biotic capsule's contents sprinkled on top.

    I still do not know what has happened to him or what illness he has managed to catch. No other bird in my flock is sick. Only Red. It will probably remain a mystery and so be it as long as he survives the ordeal. Nothing adds up when I try to match symptoms with diseases/illnesses.

    I've really appreciated your advice and encouragement. Consider yourself hugged![​IMG]
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    Aw that is great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Red!!!!!!!!!
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