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14 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Beech Creek, PA
My bannie hen hatched two little silkie chicks four days ago, but one of the chicks is real small, a light gray color with two stripes down his head and back and it looks like he/she has a puff on its head. It sort of looks like an EE but I have none that are old enough to lay eggs. I have red, black and white silkie hens and roosters, but this chick looks like none of them. I can't get a pic at this time as momma is very, very protective. Any ideas?
That's one that will be mixed or partridge, could be brown partridge, gray partridge or mottled in appearance. They're the color genetics behind the ones that "show" on your normal colored chickens. The hidden ones. Sometimes if both parents carry the hidden genes you get surprises.

Take pics and enjoy, they change a LOT as they grow and color in, juvenille feathering in these is NOT what the adult feathering will look like.
Thank you very much. He/she is so cute, at least what I can see of him/her. Momma, as I said, is very, very protective. The other chick she hatched is all black with feathers/fur on its legs and a little bigger than the striped one. Thanks again for you input. I just love seeing a momma hen with her babies all fluffed up.
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