what am I?


5 Years
May 5, 2014
Upstate South Carolina
This was one of two identical hatchery sent by accident. Hatched march 10 so right at almost 8 weeks old. Hatch color was mahagony.. Nothing i ordered was suppose to have a single comb but both these do.


Shes the one in the back.. Kinda flightly and they forage further than any others.
Looks like a couple of little "packing peanut" cockerels -if the other bird has as much pink comb and wattle as the one shown - they aren't so much sent by "accident" as they are included to "round out" the shipment and help provide warmth for the chicks you did order in transit (and to help the hatchery be rid of their excess hatchlings)
I ordered from ideal poultry.. I was only sent 43 of my origional order of 55 and of those I received 8 golden pheonix that I didn't order (7 pullet 1 cockerel) ..the hatchery tried at the time to go thru the day old photos with me to determine what I was missing and sent me 22 replacements but these 2 fell thru the cracks and I didn't know they were oopsies until there comb went single.

I didn't get any packing peanuts.. Or at least they said I wasn't suppose to have any due to my order size.. But then I wasn't suppose to get the wrong types either!!..

I will say there customer service was excellent and I'm pleased with the ones I got that were what I ordered.. I just would like to know what these are so I can better rehome them.

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