What are call ducks?

MIster Ducker

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Mar 10, 2014
Am i the only one to just hear of call ducks? Can someone explain what they are and their behaviors/etc?
Call ducks are small 'bantam' ducks. Originally they were utilized as living decoys to call in wild ducks so that they could be shot. Some retain the original trait of being quite vocal. As pets/show animals they have been bred in a wide variety of colors. Just type 'call ducks' in the search bar at the top of the page, and all sorts of threads about calls will appear.
Haha i looked them up and they looked almost fake to me. Can they look the same as other ducks?
Here are mine... I keep a quad. I must have one from the loud genetics as she is LOUD, so chatty, the other two are no mute ducks either lol I keep mine as pets.. massively comical, super easy to care for and love to swim, chatter and easy to handle.


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