what are combs and wattles supposed to look like before maturity?

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    I have 2 5-month-old Black Australorps that I just got a week ago. I am trying to figure out how sexually mature they might be. Hen 1 has a rosy comb and biggish wattles. Does that mean she may lay soon? (She doesn't squat yet). Hen 2 has dusty looking pink comb and small wattles. Will 2's wattles grow? Is ashy pink a healthy color for a pullet's comb? Will it turn red?


  2. Here is a picture of a couple of my birds...they had just "discovered" the nest boxes (which had been there for at least 6 weeks!), investigated them, and then layed their first eggs on the day this picture was taken:) The black one is a BA, she was 21 weeks at the time.

    (The other breeds shown were Dominique, also 21 weeks, and a white EE at 26 weeks)
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    here is a pic comparison i did of my RIR ---- https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=266291

    the first pic she is 20 weeks old --- still looking like a very young pullet
    in the second pic she is 27 weeks old --- you can see the HUGE difference in comb and wattle size
    she is now 28 weeks old and still no eggs ---- but she is very close

    from the very little experience i have had ---- i would say it goes in this order

    Stage 1 -- facial skin goes starts getting slightly redder from the original fleshy pink color
    Stage 2 -- comb and waddles start increasing in size
    Stage 3 -- as they increase in size they start getting redder
    Stage 4 -- comb and waddles become full size and comb waddles become blood red
    Stage 5 -- they start squatting
    Stage 6 -- they squat and do the egg song
    Stage 7 -- they lay eggs

    here is a post that is full of pics that i have been taking on my buff orpingtons

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    wow, thanks for all the helpful pictures and info!

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