what are ee's?

Ameraucanas are pure bread (AKA: True Breed) that lays colored eggs (blue, gree, olive, etc). While Easter Eggers are a mix breed that also lays colored eggs. Unless you're a breed snob it doesn't matter to me as long as I get the colored eggs. I have four EE's, green, blue, pink, and light tan eggs...
this may seem like im a jerk, but i only like to get breeds that go broody...
Not sure why this would make you jerk-ish, a lot of folks like broodies. I have not reaised any true Ameraucanas so I can't comment on their broodiness What I will say is that although some breeds are known for going broody with regularity (Buff Orpingtons, Silkies, Cochins, Game) individuals within a breed will go broody or not. I have a Speckled Sussex that goes broody every August. I have a Welsummer that went broody at 1 year and did an outstanding job raising her clutch--Welsummers are not know for going broody and I have heard they make terrible mothers, so go figure.

Are you interested if Ameraucanas go broody or are you soliciting advice about which breeds to get based on their likihood of going broody?

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