What are female pygmy goats going for? Pics added**


11 Years
Aug 15, 2008
Hi there BYC friends, I am considering to sell some of my pygmy females.
There isn't anything wrong with them but I'm wanting to stick with the girls that are really friendly and follow me around and let me do whatever I want to 'em. I have a momma and her 3 girls. They have pretty unique coloring and markings, so I think people would be interested in them. Plus they aren't wild, mean or skittish..just not ridiculously in love with me as pets, lol.
I've looked at ads in my area, but most people are selling male goats, and as we know, male goats go for much less.
Does anyone have a idea of the general price range I should start at? The mom is 2 years now, and the 3 baby girls are 7-8 mos old.
Thanks in advance or any help, ideas or tips

I'll try and post pics in the morning, so you guys can see what I'm talking about.
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What part of north texas are you in? Are you anywhere near amarillo? Ive been looking for some female goats cause all i can find for sale is males too? Dont know much about the price thing though.
Unique colors and markings?

Pygmies generally only come in certain accepted colors, so they sound like mixed with Nigerian Dwarves. Which is fine of course, most of my Nigis have Pygmy somewhere. It just lowers their value. Between $50-100 depending on the goats themselves. Too bad you're not closer, I could use a couple more brood does.
Haha I bet they have nigerian in them then. They have solid colors, not the agouti that is supposed to be to color standard for pygmies. I think anyways.. heres a couple pics of them.


Ohhh yes, very Nigerian. Long legs, long bodies, no barrel looking Pygmy.

Bring me all the ones in the pics, Rio, I'll give them a good home. They'd pair up nicely with my very fine Nigerian buck.

You know, Corsicana is right about in the middle of us both...hmmmm....LOL!
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I'd for sure market them as nigerian mixes, they don't look pygmy at all to me. Around here they'd probably be $35-$50, they're cute!

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