what are my chicks??


12 Years
Dec 14, 2007
NE Indiana
okay i got these from the fram store today and the lady there said she wasn't quite sure what they had.
can anyone help? it's the 1 peach colored in front the 2 just behind her that are twins and the the black one w/ white around her eyes. i have more pics if needed. thanks, krista
no they are clean legged. could they be silver spangeled hamburgs? i was checking some other posts and i think my black cute pie is an australorp or a jersey giant.
That looks similar to a batch I got last July from MMH as the Rainbow Egg Layers Special.

We bought a Partridge Wyandotte, (one in front) Black Minorca (Black one), and EE's Though I'm not saying this is what you got...but they look like mine did.
The red one in front is a Rhode Island Red, looks like mine that I picked up today. the black ones are probably Black Austrlorps.

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