What are my pipped eggs doing

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    Oct 19, 2018
    Yesterday all three of my eggs pipped. I had to help one with its pip yesterday because it wasn't getting enough oxygen. This morning 2 of the eggs(first pipped one and last pipped one) had a bigger piece of shell poking out. Thats good because I was worried about the first one. The second one to pip hasn't made much progress as the other ones.
    My questions:
    1:When will the ones that are further along hatch?
    2:Should I be worried about the one that hasn't made much progress?
    Thank You! Please Help!!
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    What makes you think it wasn't getting enough oxygen? It was breathing air since it was internally pipped before you saw the external crack. :confused:

    Sometimes the ones that pip first aren't the first ones to hatch.

    Let me ask some questions to get a better handle on the situation please?

    You say you have all 3 eggs pipped yesterday... so that's your total is 3? What day of incubation are actually on when they pipped and what day is it now? How long has it been now in hours since you saw pips? Can you post pics of what's going on? Can you tell if membranes are still white in color or starting to turn brown? What incubator are you using and does it have all its' air plugs open?

    Did you do anything to contain your humidity while you were picking at that whole.. to ensure none of your other chicks got shrink wrapped? Where is your humidity now?

    Reinforcements... @WVduckchick

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    Some of mine took a little over 24 hrs to zip after they pipped, my first set and second had a couple that did that. I had a unfortunate malpostioned chick, that I waited too long to help but it was around 48 hrs before the chick died so hopefully you still have some time. The others that were actually fertilized did fine. I would try to sit on my hands and give it a few hours so I didn't help a chick that was capable of doing it by themselves and do any harm. Helping to early can be detrimental, which was my biggest fear in that situation. I hope all goes well and they zip right out in a bit. Eggsighted4life and WVduckchick give sound advice and with a little information can walk you through this if there is a issue. Good luck.
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    Apr 30, 2018
    Dont worry it can take up to 48 hours for an egg to hatch. If it hasnt made any progress at all, then it may be dead.
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    When I read these stories I am always confused how people can open their incubators to mess with eggs without completely, or nearly so, losing the humidity that is critical to retain to keep the internal membrane pliable enough for the chick to escape.

    There really isn't a way to know what they are doing or how long it will take.
    My last batch of 9 eggs all hatched. 8 of them hatched late on day 20 and all of day 21. But one egg hatched fully on day 18, all the same breed, same strain, same size eggs, same incubator conditions. All I can figure is that it was in a nest that had multiple hens sitting in it for the first few days after being laid and had some pre-collection incubation and there were a couple hot days.
    IMO, all you can do is provide the best incubation conditions you can, sit on your hands and count live chicks.
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    I actually don't open my bator... I literally leave it alone for days and walk away to let hatch take place without going crazy and deciding should I or shouldn't I help... My personal goal, survival of the fittest means DON'T help. It can be a difficult choice. I even broke down and helped once... just to be the one who probably killed the chick or even to have to cull for another reason. :barnie

    I did have a very early hatcher from someone else's egg catch me off guard recently... I used towels draped around the bator to keep my humidity inside... but also my ambient humidity is 75 ish%, but I think rapid change in temp could also effect it.

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