What are my RIR?? PICS!!


9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
Which one is my rooster? Dont know if you can tell this early but here i go!! lol They are A week and a half old. I ordered 1 rooster and 1 hen RIR Ill go take better pics of them if i need to!!!

This one has a different color beak.



This one has markings on its back and head



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I agree. #1 is your roo, look at how his feathers are almost all the same length (this usually is roo feathering), compared to the 2nd chick where the feathers are in different layers, I call them Angel Wings, because they remind me of them, and this type of feathering usually is pullet feathering. I do think that there are a few breeds that this does not work on, but generally, when I sex based off the feathering this way, I have gotten them right.
Looks just like my little RIR! I really need to post pics of my little ones....I'm a first timer and am afraid ALL of my bunch will turn out as ROOS!!!! 1 of each...RIR, Americauna, BO, BR, White Rock, Leghorn...and I can't tell which white one is which....bantam silkie, bantam frizzle cochin that is not frizzling!!!!
Thank u!!! I thought the other one was the roo but I don't know what I'm talking about. Lol. Good to know!! Well then my Roos name is Landon and the rir hen is willow. I also have 4 black australorps 4 buff orpingtons and 5 yellow ones with grey feathers coming out I dint know what they are. so I still have to name all of those ones!! Fun!! There staring to get very friendly ever since I gave them a hard boiled egg this morning!!
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