What are some different suggestions for Mastitis?


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I posted in the wrong place so I am changing my post:p

I have 6 milking goats and one of my favorites has mastitis real bad. I have tried a few things but am looking for suggestions:D

Have tried Genimycin (spelled wrong I am sure)
Anilite water infused in her udder
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Well I don't know anything about goats but they say with humans warm compresses and nurse on it a lot. Some times if you feel the hard bump, you must try to squeeze it out but working it towards the nipple-usually cheesy stuff comes out...very painful though so I am not sure how it will go with a goat. Antibiotics maybe? Hope someone else has some goat advice.


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If you infuse the udder, it just pushes the infection further into the udder. Inject her with antibiotics. Our vet, all vets, infact, always inject. You don't want to spread the bacteria further. The online layman's advice you get to infuse is just not sound medical advice.
PennG injected into the thigh on the sore side of the body is the usual treatment from most vets here. It is a high dose injection for three days with frequent milking. I'm sure there are other antibiotics that will work, but PennG just seems to be common. Vets also use a hormone injection to help the milk flow.
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So the first thing you need to do it put some of the milk from each side in a sep. container and freeze, this needs to be done before you give or do anything to her.
Nest take her temp and see if its high, you can get a product call today (for cows) and use it once a day for 3 days and if its mild it might help. You do this after you milk and dont drink or use the milk for humans or dogs or cats can give the kids it.
Now if you find out that hasnt helped let your vet know and tell him or her you also have a milk sample so they can test it or send it in to have tested.
I need to tell you Im not a vet, but have dairy goats and have done this per my vets and than I have had the vet tell me to do something different. It does depend on a lot, and yes you can milk for times a day it helps get the infection out but dont do that if you use today. Also I have a mint lotion I but on mine to help the let down .
Good luck you can email me if you want.


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My vet put my goat on antibotics and had to milk her three times a day for three weeks until milk clears up. What I had was a very bloody foul odor, nearly lost my doe. My Arab gelding stepped on her lower udder and it was inflamed all day long in the summer.

After all those treatments were done, her udder was flat as a pancake, so she had surgery to remove that udder and her other udder made up the amount of milk so I had one and a half worth of udder sized milk LOL!

She was a Nubian.

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