What are some foods that make chickens strong?


May 19, 2020
Hello everyone!
So I need some more help... One of my chickens has been sick and hasn't been getting exersize... I plan on giving her some but I was also wondering some good foods that make chickens strong. Thanks!

PS: plz respond fast as I am veryyyyyy nervous šŸ˜“
Hi! I'm a bit new at this but I've read that extra protein (crumbled hard boiled eggs should work) and a bit of sugar water or nutridrench can really help a chicken that has been ill.
Do you know what the illness was?
Live insects. Meal worms are often easy to purchase. Live crickets also work well if chick mobile. If chick having mobility issue, then crush crickets so they can not get away. Generally, such insects promote a much stronger feeding response that feeds owing to a combination of movement, texture, and taste.
Thanks for the ides, though, the chicken passed away this morning. I think she was too old and too weak. :(

Keep on posting though so others can read this and know some super foods for their chickens!

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