What are some of the things that your chickens do that make you love them even more?

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    I have this oversized black wool coat that I wear when I go out to the coop every morning. I have an old blanket that I kneel down on and my chickens love to climb up on my lap and get inside my coat. They will also try to snake their heads down my sleeve. Then when I peek inside, they seem to be sleeping. I think they just love the warmth but I have to laugh because some times two will try to get in there at a time. I laugh and think, "I have become the crazy chicken lady."

    What are some of the things that your chickens do that make you love them (or laugh or roll your eyes or scratch your head) even more?
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    I have a Buff Orpington hen who is currently recovering from Impacted Crop surgery. For the longest time she had a bare back thanks to our rooster, and has just recently grown in her new feathers which are about 1" long at best.

    The vet pointed out to me that if you ruffle up her new feathers she makes a bockle-bockle sound, like a cross between a giggle and a laugh and a coo. It is really very sweet, and she does it every time. I guess it must feel good!

    - Krista
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