What Are The 12 Steps For A Recovering Chicken Addict?

1) Buy some hatching eggs
2) Give a broody a dozen fertile eggs to sit on
3) Go to the feed stores in Spring and follow the peeping sounds
more chickens! duh! Theres no cure for chicken addicts like us.
What Are The 12 Steps For A Recovering Chicken Addict?

1.Give up your chickens, offer them to friends on BYC.
2.Tear down your Coop.
3.Tear down your Run.
4.Replace the area with a lawn or garden.
5.Avoid the Feed Store.
6.Avoid the Tractor Supply Store.
7.Stay off the internet sites for Chickens.
8.Throw all livestock catalogs that came in the Mail away unopened.
9.Sell your incubator.
10.Sell your chicken feeder and waterers.
11.Hang up on your egg customers.
12.Avoid all enablers.
13.Go buy more Chicks and Keets, plus a few ducks.
I must keep off of this website, it is just as bad as my chicken addiction.

ETA: "Hello, My name is HenZ" and I am a chicken/BYC addict." Help me.
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I've never met anyone who "recovered". If you tried to have a CA meeting someone would bound to bring some eggs, then someone else would say they had some extra chicks and it would just become yet another poultry swap meet.

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