What are the best choices for a QUIET Friendly breed?


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Apr 20, 2009
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I have two BRs now 1 yr old. I am adding another two hens please help me choose a breed.

Here is my order of priorities;

1. Quiet

2. Friendly

3. Attractive

4. Good Layers (brown eggs)

5. Does not go broody
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Buff Orpington is a good breed lays lots of brown eggs. Silver laced Wydotte there are several that are quite Look through some of the online Breeders they give you some good info. I have had several different breeds and none have been agressive except when they have little ones

is a link to a prior thread that might be helpful. Good luck! My gals only make noise when they are laying and then it is LOUD and very entertaining!
Thanks, I have been looking through the breeds, but wanted peoples personal experience with the breeds too, so I can narrow it down even futher.
My SLW is slightly stand-offish, but VERY quiet. My Black Australorp is very talkative, but not loud, and VERY friendly. My Cuckoo Marans is talkative, very friendly, and louder than the BA. The Red Sexlink is not talkative, but is more aggressive and can get quite loud when she's bossing others around. My EE is fairly quiet, friendly, and not as talkative as the others I've listed.

The rest of my crew are noisier and less friendly than Lacey, Matilda, Bernadette, Greta and Rebecca.

These are the most quiet, they are also friendly... You need to come take them so you can have your quiet chickens!
I have a bunch of these available

Ok, you don't want the babies... Black australorps are very nice birds!
My Buff Orpingtons and Black Austrolorpes are the sweetest and tamest birds. The Black Austrolorpe is always the first to fly up onto my knee when I sit out with them. I heart her! My BR is broody and mean.
My Buff Orpington is very loud when anyone lays an egg and she and my Rhode Island Reds are trying to brood.
My Australorp is pretty, and quiet, but doesn't really want to be petted, etc. The Welsummer is the same way. If you were flexible on the color of the eggs, I would recommend an Ameraucana or Easter Egger, as all of ours are friendly, pretty, quiet, and lay nice eggs. One of them does lay a light green egg, but the other one lays brown.
I am looking for most of the same characteristics as you are with the flock I am currently assembling. I have several Delawares, a couple of Wyandottes, Ameraucanas, and am waiting for Barnevelders to come in (they were supposed to come in today, but there was a mix-up, and they were not shipped yet). I mentioned this little flock, as you might want to consider some of these breeds that all seem to be docile, friendly, good layers, etc.

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