What are the best layers out there?

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    Looking at adding to my flock what are the best layers out there? Im looking for a few differnt breeds to add to what I have now! I have White Leghorns and Black And Gold sexlinks all have done well. the leg horns by far have been the best..... What other breeds are there that can keep up with the Leg horns or at least come close? [​IMG]
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    The ISA Brown is a top brown egg layer. TownLine Hatchery. The Leghorns have been tweaked and crossed, making some different "kinds" of Leghorns. Some of the hatcheries have several kinds of Leghorns, offering you a choice. The Leghorns will lay 330-340 their pullet season. The ISA isn't far behind at 320-330 their pullet season.
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