What are the best laying hens ?

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  1. I already have some chickens but I am looking for some hens that will lay more eggs and look pretty at the same time. If anyone has any ideas let me know. [​IMG]
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    Feb 8, 2015
    I know a variety of breeds who lay good.

    Australorps were recorded one, of the most eggs layed in a year.Australorps are also very docile.
    Black sex links are very good egg layers,and a hardy breed.It's cousin,the red sex link is also a very good bird with a strong well built immunize system.Production reds are one of my number one top layers on, the farm.This hybrid is very docile and lays a minimum of 200 to 280 eggs a year,yet the australorps lays 300 eggs per year!Newhampshires are very good egg layers and have a very large egg Production,and are becoming famous because of it.
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    It would help if we knew what breed of hens you already have so that we can advise on what breeds will lay more than them. If you already have red or black sex links or leghorns then we might be struggling!!

    The best layers are not usually the prettiest chickens and beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, so what I consider pretty, you might not. Why not visit the breeds section of the forum and scroll through to see what catches your eye and then read the reviews.
    I find my cream legbars are reasonably good layers and are unusual looking and lay blue eggs and welsummers are quite pretty and lay terracotta coloured eggs. Gold and silver laced Wyandottes are quite striking and lay reasonably well too. Easter Eggers come in a multitude of colours and patterns and often have beards and muffs, which make them rather unusual looking and again they lay coloured eggs (blue, green or pink)

    I hope that gives you a little food for thought.



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