What are the best overshoes?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by wenlo, Nov 14, 2010.

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    Feb 27, 2010
    Now that winter is nearly on us, I need advice on the best over shoe on the market. A pair for me and especially for DH, as he does the primary feeding, watering and opening of the coop's trap door to let the ladies out each morning. We live in a college town and the chicken yard is directly behind our house surrounded by a six foot privacy fence the girls use as a run. He does not have a mile of snow to wade through, but the yard leading to the coop is unpaved and I don't want him to have to change twice in the morning nor do I want him to ruin his Brooks Brothers wool pants and Italian leather shoes. We both leave early. each gussied up for professional jobs and take care of the ladies while its still dark and then leave. He's so sweet to do this for me everyday - I want to get him something nice to help.

    Since I am paranoid about my chooks being in town, I am usually meticulous about cleaning up after them in the yard and in the coop every couple of days, so its not very dirty, but there will be snow and mud to walk through. What is easy to take on and off over his other clothes and will protect him from becoming soiled? When I grew up on the farm I remember my Grandfather slipping black "rubbers" over his shoes, but I haven't seen those for years. Pap worked in a steel mill so the low cut protected his shoes more than his pants - no big deal. There has to be something better out there now. Who can help an urban farmer out? Ideas on a product?
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