What are the breeds and sex of my chicks??



SO..... here are some pics of my 8 week old babies. Here are the possible mixes they are...I have a barred rock roo, 3 barred rock hens, 2 gold laced wyandotte hens, 2 silver laced wyandotte hens, and 2 black austrolorp hens. I think for the most part they are either barred rock or barredXsilver wyandottes. But I would like help with the sex for sure. Especially with #3. Looks to have a flat rose comb coming so maybe barredx gold wyandotte? What would they look like if you mixed the two? I do not know enough about breeding to know what I would get when I mix them. But it would be nice to know the sex. All help is soooooo appreciated!
ok so I took some pics...... this is chick 1.. pullet or cockrel ??

this is chick 2. Pullet or cockrel? I say pullet, but not sure.
and another pic......

this (chick 3 )is the one I am not sure what wyandotte crossed with roo. I assume wyandotte because of the comb..flat. but pullet or cockrel?? I am unsure....

sorry bad pic, but chick 4 is the one I am sure is a pullet due to no comb growth really and definatly no wattles. Plus they are still a yellowy color.

chick 2 again! whoops!!! sorry!!

chick 4 again!!
ok so this is all of them except my little roo. So any help would be great!! Thank you! You all are awesome as always!
So, I am thinking that chick #3 may be a cross between my barred rock roo and one of my tomaruXthai game fowl chickens. As it was standing by the mama that sat on the eggs it looks alot like her in the head and comb features. SO possibly a cross?? Still don't know gender, which is what I really want to know about. Any input will be great! I will try to take pics tonight after I put them to bed. Thanks again!

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