What are the chances they will be ok?


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Sep 2, 2009
SW Florida
I won an auction for Cochin eggs on 2/26 she shipped 12 on 2/28. USPS was supposed to deliver them on 3/2 they got here today 3/4 and I let them sit for 6 hrs oly to settle. Put them in at about 6pm and wonder what are the chances for them?
Did you candle and check the air cells? They're easiest to see in a dark area. If they are detached then that could pose problems for development. Sometimes they do stabilize. You never know!

Good luck!
Dont give up!! I bought some eggs and they got stuck in a snowstorm for a week- they got here and i set them anyway- I did get a 50% hatch rate.... It is much better than I ever would have thought.
I probably would have let them rest for the 24 hours still, but I didn't know about resting on my first hatch and had a good hatch rate from posted eggs. Good luck
Hi guys..I just got a bit nervous here..Can someone explain why eggs wouldn't hatch that took 3-4 days to ship? Maybe I'm reading this wrong.. Why would the chances be bad?

I'm seeing "Don't give up" You never know" "Give them a chance" Is the concern about the 4 day shipped eggs or is it the 6 hr settling part?

I'm just learning so if you all could educate me on this and ease my worried mind!

Cause if so I certainly just wasted money on 20 eggs that took 4 days to get here..and didn't rest/ settle for 24 hrs. at Breeders suggestion. (said that just makes for "old eggs")?
I just had a really nice hatch (13 out of 17) from shipped eggs that took 5 days - 5 cold, wintry, New England days - to get here. I settled them for only about 8 hours because of the delay in shipping. Another batch that went into that same hatch, and had only taken 2 days to get to me, only yielded one live chick (out of 10 shipped eggs). There are many variables to consider. I would definitely set them and
Good luck, and don't forget the pics at the end!

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