What are the early signs of aggression?


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I have three turkeys. Broad-breasted white, broad-breasted bronze and a royal palm. Recently the white turkey has started following me around the yard. He runs up to me but he never attacks. And whenever I look at him he won't follow me but if I turn around and start walking he will follow me. I was dumb and fed the baby turkeys flock raiser instead of gamebird feed at around 3 weeks and the person who gave them to me was feeding them chick starter. So due to lack of protein they developed leg problems. So he is like an old man with arthritis.. not very threatening at all even if he did want to attack. But he can wander around and forage just fine.. just a little slower than the other turkey.

The turkeys are about 10 weeks old. Maybe 12. They were given to me by someone who couldn't handle them so the exact age is unknown.
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The leg problems could be because the person who gave them to you started them on newspaper or something like that. If it's slippery they can get leg problems.

But for your question, turkeys are very curious and tend to want to see if you have food. When they get aggressive, they have a totally different body language and that usually starts when they are older. Broad Breasted turkeys are even more curious than the heritage and do tend to follow you around more. What you are describing sounds more like a friendly or curious turkey, not aggression.

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There is a reason I never raise just one...
If I have 10 that look alike I don't get as attached.

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