What are the how does and do nots on pricing and selling poults

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Jan 3, 2010
I just got one group of eggs in the bator and have people betting my door down about turkey poults.
I don't even know how many if any will hatch & I'm knew to turkeys.
So I need to know what is a fair price and at what age you can safely sell the poults and all that good stuff.
Would someone please help a newbie out on this.
I know it is kinda a hush hush thing so you can pm me if you want about it.
The Breeds I hope to hatch are (found out they are "pure") Wishard Bronze Turkeys,and Black Winged Bronze (Crimson Dawn) Turkeys.
Does not have to be a spot on price a range would be good too.
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Sell them as soon as you can. LOL You can sell day olds with no problems. As soon as they are dry and up and running around good I would call those people and tell them you have day olds for sale. If you prefer to get them started for a few days you could do that too. As for price I would say from 5 to 8 bucks each depending on what your area will support.

I would love to see some pics of your black wing bronze if you have any.
Everything I have found is priced around $10.00 Week olds I think its was.?
The only picture I have is the breeders picture( Jerry Pool's)
Here in Western CO, turkey poults go for $10-12 and they go FAST! People were fighting to get the last batch of bourbon red poults last year at Murdoch's! I'm thinking about doing the same as you. We'll raise these first few for our family and then keep hatching poults and selling them.
Im in PA, 5-8 is the going rate around here, and at livestock auctions ive seen them go 10 at the highest, 3 at the lowest. If theyre not your run of the mill poults ( blacks, palms, narragansett, standard bronze, bourbons) id start at 10
Thanks and from what I have been told by everyone they are not that common.
Glad someone more local stopped in and replied.
That helps alot thanks everyone!
I sell Midget White's at $10. each as day olds with no problem. I kept a few for myself and got overloaded with chickens and sold the poults at 3 weeks for $25. each.
Wow. Y'all got me to thinking I need to get out of the hills of Arkansas and move someplace where there is more money. Actually it's pretty hard to get the 5 to 8 around here. People think they should be the same price as chicks.

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