what are the humidity levels supposed to be ?

i think the humidity inmy house fluctuates too much and it gets really humid in the bator. is there anything i can do to stop that fom happening. right now i went in there and the humidity was at like 60 ahhggggghh i dont know what else to do i am definately investing in a better bator.1588 for me!
I like my forced air LG pretty well but its going by-by soon as possible.
I burn a lot of wood and have electric heat also. Both suck the humidity right out of my house. Temp spikes of 10* are a normal thing in most any room depending on day or night. If I had central air and heat it would be great, but I dont
I can fill all the water trays up and still only have a humidity level of around 35% :mad: I have to add extra cups just to get up to 40%
Then befor hatch I had to plug the drain holes in the bottom so I can fill the whole bottom with water to get to 60%
.........Its a full time job to run a styrafoam bator in my house. Im going to get a sportsmen as soon as possible. Cover it at night, uncover in the morning. Re-fill all the extra water trays constantly...Under ideal conditions it would be great. I just cant accomidate ideal conditions.
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i think the humidity inmy house fluctuates too much

Where do you live?

Here is what I would do:

Run the incubator, empty of eggs and completely dry for 2 or 3 days, taking regular humidity readings. If the Humidity doesn't rise above 50% you are good to go. Raising low humidity is easy, you just add water untill it's right and open ventilation holes if it goes a little too high.

If the humidity is OVER 50%, then you need the incubator in a dryer atmosphere. Either move it, or use a dehumidifier in the room.​

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