What are the odds of this.


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
I got 12 straight run SLW from the TSC the 1st part of April. The 1st day I got 6, then thinking that most would be cockrels I went back the next day and got 6 more so I would have a chance of at least a few pullets. Well, they are now almost 2 months old and I'm pretty sure that all but 3, maybe 4 are pullets. How's that for luck? I know the are "just" hatchery birds, but they are getting very pretty with very nice lacing, and they are all so sweet and friendly. I'm really very happy with them.
Congrats you got lucky!
I bought just (1) sexed pullet to add to my broody and her one lonely chick and it's looking roo'ish....I'm so mad, cause I have 7 roo's now!
I totally feel your pain! I too have experienced the straight-run blues.

If I bought in pairs of each breed, one was always a Rooster. If I bought four, two were Roosters. It was so annoying; and one of the feed store staff claimed that the 'Ameraucanas' (Which were Easter Eggers, incorrectly labeled), had a '90% chance of being a Pullet'. Well, it was still 50/50 for me. I don't even know why the chances would supposedly be better with the EEs as opposed to the other breeds.

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