What are the oldest eggs you've successfully hatched?


14 Years
Jul 11, 2008
Gila, New Mexico
I've got a broody silkie with 13 silkie and bantam cochin eggs on day 9. In the last two days, I've also had a bantam cochin, a welsummer, and a barred rock go broody. I gave the welsummer a bunch of our mixed barnyard eggs to set today, but want to give the other mamas some eggs too. I'm thinking I'll split the bantam eggs and give half to the bantam cochin, but all the eggs I have left are questionable.

So... if you were in my shoes, and wanted to hatch some babies, which would you set? Day-old, refrigerated eggs, or non-refrigerated bantam eggs that are between two and four weeks old? I could wait til tomorrow and give her all of tomorrow's eggs, but if there's a possibility that the older bantam eggs would hatch, I'd rather she hatched those.

What are the OLDEST eggs you've hatched successfully?
Think I'll set my BR up with the old bantam eggs then, and let her have a try at hatching them. My house is pretty warm, but if there's hope I'll give them a chance. If they don't develop, I'll just give her some new eggs later. It will be a good experiment! I'll update after candling next weekend!

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