What are the rarest birds you have (Quail Pheasant and Partridge)


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Mar 20, 2012
Corapeake NC
Just curious what some of the not so common birds people have. I also posted this in the Pheasants and Partridge page, but put it here too in case there is some of you that don't make it to that page. I know this is the Quail page and do want to hear about and see them, but also would like to include rarer Partridge and Pheasants in this post too. Thanks for any input and please include pictures.

As for me, Mountain quail are the rarest bird I have. Hopefully I will have some Mearns in a couple weeks; there supposed to ship out any day now if all goes as planned

Well...I have a tibetan tuxedo coturnix quail that thinks it's a cat that thinks it's a dog. But I don't think that counts.

BTW where did you get those lovely mountain quail from? Once work picks up for me, I'll be buying a pair of blue scaled quail, but thought some mountain quail would be nice to have. I've just had zero luck in finding either hatching eggs or full grown mountain quail.
I had a really hard time finding the Mountains too. After loosing many auctions where the eggs were selling for about $10-$15 each, I got lucky and just randomly found an ad that someone had posted in Utah where they were selling eggs for $5 each. At first I was kinda hesitant to get them because I live in Virginia, but took the chance and had a 70% hatch rate with them luckily. You can find a few big hatcheries that sell them, but they want big bucks usually. The best bet is just to look and look and look and look, lol, and hopefully run into a deal like I did. If you're still looking for some, I plan on selling some eggs in the spring, and possibly some chicks shortly after but not sure about selling the chicks.
Oh yeah, I looked at some hatcheries and was shocked at how much they wanted for 2-3 eggs! Almost had a heart attack. I could totally see charging a higher price for an established bird or chick, but with eggs, there aren't any guarantees of any actually hatching, to even justify some of the price tags I've seen.

If you do start selling eggs, drop me a PM. Till then, I'll keep tabs on poultry listings.
Once you receive the Mearns, they'll become your rarest. One of my rarest birds is Mountain quail.

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