What are these bantams?


Apr 30, 2021
Douglasville, GA
So I placed an order of 5 sexed fayoumi from MPC but they had a minimum of 9 chicks for bantam orders so I just added 4 “assorted bantams.” Based on the day old pictures I thought I had 1 black silkie, 1 buff silkie, and 2 buff bantams but I’m curious what ya’ll think now that they are 8 weeks old. No one is crowing yet but I think that the buff silkie is a cockerel. Could be wrong though and not sure about the others but I think the silkies are a male and female. The buffs are starting to look Like millies because of the spots but maybe they just have mf genes to miniaturize them. This is my first flock of chickens in years.

Possible breeds:
  • Silkies (White, Blue, Black, Buff)
  • Easter Egger
  • Green Queen Easter Egger
  • Mille Fleur d'Uccle
  • Porcelain d'Uccle
  • Barred Plymouth Rock
  • Black Frizzle Cochin
  • Mottled Cochin
  • White Crested Black Polish
  • Buff Brahma
  • Welsummer





Well that’s annoying lol I don’t mind having mixes … unless they’re mine and I know what they’re mixed with. I was going to try to crossbreed other bantam breeds with the fayoumi anyways but that’s too much of a question mark. The two silkie creatures fight a lot with each other. So it may be. I was hoping the black one was a pullet… now we have too many Roos (4 out of 9).

Agreed. I am pretty sure that the black silkie mix is a cockerel. Also your Egyptian fayoumis are so cute!! This was mine as a baby!View attachment 2856599
The fayoumi are great! I’m worried about them wandering off but so far so good!
They should (in theory) be purebred silkies if they are in fact silkies… otherwise I’m gonna have to have a talk with My Pet Chicken. :mad:
According to your initial post you ordered assorted bantams and did not specify Silkies in your order, is that correct? They could be “green queens” I know that Silkies are used in this mix sometimes. They definitely have silkie in them.
I agree they both appear to be male.🙂

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