What are these bugs?

Sep 16, 2019
Hey all,

I am new to this site and have been raising chickens for a few years. My love for birds began as a kid when my dad and I would hatch chicks together. I have ran into an issue lately and I have been unable to identify what this pest is. They don’t seem to be causing any harm to the birds, but all the research I have completed has come up empty. Any ideas? I have killed nearly a 1,000 in the past few days and believe the treatment I am using is working (pyrethrin for the past two days), but would like to identify what they are so I can better treat the issue. I use lime around the coop and DE within. Picture attached.


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Need a closer and clearer look at them, top and bottom views.
Did you find them in side the coop....or?
There are good insect ID groups on Facebook.
Also your location would help.
Ditto to what aart said and I would also like something for scale, maybe a coin, so we can know how large the thing is. Also, you can try your County Extension Agent. Ours is very knowledgable and helpful.
Can you guys see this? I think I got them all, but still curious to what they are. This is at the base of the coop on the exterior. I have found them inside and outside, though. They about the size fine sharpie marker tip. Live in southeast Virginia.


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They're too small on the screen. If I HAD to make a guess, I'd GUESS alder bugs. But without a close up shot where the bug takes up most of the photo, who knows.

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