What are these?

Pavo Royale

10 Years
Jul 6, 2009
Gainesville, GA
I know very little about turkeys, and I was given these two this summer. They were in rough shape when I got them, but you should see them now! Can anyone tell me what breed they are and also why they have become more agressive towards me lately? Do they breed in the fall and in the spring? I do not have any hens. Thanks, Mitch

Thanks. They are MUCH more beautiful now. Normally they follow me around like puppy dogs, but sometimes they come at me fighting for no apparent reason. I really hope this is a seasonal thing. Would hens help, and is one enough for both? Thanks, Mitch
If they try to attack you just carry a stick... Usually they will make a cooing sound and bob their head while doing it and this is their warning.
I have 5 toms and 15 hens and they can be quite a sight when they all come running to see me. I occasionally have to rap on or two of the toms when they get cocky towards me.
About the only thing they are afraid of is the stick!

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