What are these?

First one looks like a Gold Line, they are also called other things like sex link, Gingernut Ranger etc. Not sure about the second one, sorry.
First one, like other post say is a Golden Sex Link girl. Second one is male Cornish-Rock broiler(meat bird)
Oh please dont't tell me it is a roo!!!... I bought 6 red pullets from TSC and now I'm worried I didn't get what I was asking for. I thought they were all girls.
No I'm not .....I got them 5 weeks ago thinking they were about a week old... I'm too new to this...

this is week old

where your chicks like this when you got them

I was suspecting 10-15 weeks on them myself

oh and here are some 6 weeks olds

they are all cockrels

note the larger combs for the straight comb marans and cream legbar

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I would say they are about 9 weeks. The top one is a golden hybrid pullet (should lay lots of eggs) The second one looks like maybe a white rock and not sure on gender it is a little pinker than most pullets but a little lighter than most cockerels so its still a toss up. If it were a cornish x it should be a lot larger than the other birds that are approx. the same age....not just a bit bigger like HUGE.

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