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Jun 21, 2016
West Virginia

My ducklings will be about 7 weeks. I lost my dark one. I'm a bad duck mom. :( I had to rush to the ER one evening and forgot all about them outside. By the time I got back something had got in the pen and stole my dark colored one.

I am posting a video. This is their first time walking around outside the pen. For the first 20 mintes they wouldn't come past their open pen door. So, I walked inside the house to get some food. When I got back into sight they got excited. They are pretty nervous if I am not around when they are outside the pen.

Do you all have any better idea of what they may be? Any guesses on their genders?







For the Love of Duck
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Nov 30, 2014
Middle Tennessee
I am so sorry for your loss! :hugs

You are not a bad duck mom, unfortunately emergencies happen and we can't always remember everything when we're stressed and worried... also, I remember how you rescued those poor little ducklings... they never would have made it if you hadn't brought them home...

They look kinda like a Mallard/Rouen mix, maybe? At least one of them is a girl, I could hear her quacking in the video... other one sounds like its still peeping, so not sure what gender it is yet...

They're gorgeous, and very obviously loved and well cared for... :love

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