What are wrong with her feet?


Dec 9, 2017
What is this? Not bumblefoot, I don't think. I've never seen this before. Any thoughts/ideas? Thanks in advance. 20201207_163158.jpg 20201207_163145.jpg 20201207_163059.jpg 20201207_163053.jpg
That looks to be scaly leg mites.

Treatment is to soak legs in warm epsom salt water for at least 20 minutes then gently brush to remove debris under the scales with a soft brush like a nail brush or old soft bristle toothbrush. After that you will need to slather those legs in oil. Many use vasaline, vegetable oil, cooking spray or coconut oil. It takes many treatments to cure so be patient.

Repeat the soaking and cleaning a few times a week but slather them twice a day to smother those mites.

Check everyone else in the flock too.
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Severe scaly leg mites. Ivermectin pour on 0.3 ml for a 6 pound chicken used twice a day 14 days apart can be helpful to get rid of them. Vaseline or other thick oil can be applied to the legs and rubbed into them twice a week as well. I would initially bring the chicken inside where it is warm, and soak the legs in warm soapy water and rub them a little with a soft toothbrush to start your treatment. Then dry legs and put her outside after applying oil.
That looks like scaly leg mites to me. A bad case.
It is hard to get rid of.
A long used treaqtment is to make a mixture of one part kerosene to two parts linseed oil. Brush the mixture on roosts , perches and the chicken's legs. Repeat treatment every 10 days.
You can also give ivermectin. For bantams, 5-7 drops by mouth and for LF 1/4 cc by mouth.
It is very hard to get rid of and sometimes culling is best in severe infections. Even when they are gone, the raised scales may not return to normal. It will spread from bird to bird till controlled.

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