What are you paying for feed?


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Jan 14, 2009
SE Iowa
I thought it would be interesting to find out what people all across the nation are paying for feed because today I found out that I was paying about $6.50 per hundred too much.
That adds up quickly when you figure in that I am feeding about 200 birds!

Can everyone post what they are paying for 100 pounds of feed. If you buy your feed in 50 lb. bags then just double it.

Thanks, and this should be interesting.
Just bought feed this morning in Bellville (near Houston) Texas. Paid $12.70 for 50 lbs of Layena crumbles and $13.60 for 50 lbs of Flock Raiser. So that would be....

$25.40 for Layena
27.20 for Flock Raiser

Kathy in Texas
I get my feed 10 miles down the road from me over in OH from a feed mill. It is pig pellets grand into crumbles and then they add cracked corn to it. I can have what ever minerals added that I want. That cost extra of course. I get my feed a half ton[1000lbs] at a time and it cost me about $130.00. Thats about .13 cent a lb. They charge me a $15.00 grinding fee, so really Im only paying $115.00 for the feed. Depending on the price of the corn at the time will make the cost of feed go up or down. Its still alot cheaper then getting it at TSC or anywhere else.
Hmmmmm........let's see, I do 50 lb layer crumble and 20 lb starter grower.......so, my Layer crumbles would be about $27 per 100lbs my starter/grower between $19 and $20. Not sure on exact amounts because my TSC sells Jelly Bellies right by the counter and they always find their way in the cart, too. LOL
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#50 Organic Layer for the Deligtful Dozen = $25...
#50 Layer $12....

sigh, I prefer the Organic and the Delightful Dozen seem to concur but the price difference is a killer....
Evil things, aren't they!!!! LOL

One thing I forgot to mention, I CAN get feed cheaper. As low as $16 per 100 lbs. of layer crumble. However, my girls don't like it. I have tired every feed store in town (all are cheaper to some degree) but this is their favorite and I like chubby hens. LOL
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just paid $9.00 for feed on sale at echo valley ranch. I think they ship not sure. usually 12. That egg layer pellot

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