What are your chickens really saying?


11 Years
Mar 10, 2008
Longview, WA
When I listen closely, they're saying much more than chicken things, it seems. For instance, my scrawny rooster with way too much chicken testosterone parades around the yard crowing "I'm a great big roo! I'm a great big roo!".
My RIR hen has taking up presidential campaigning - she cheers "Ba-raaaack! Ba-raaaack!". My daughter says the chicks are calling me out on my thriftiness since they announce "Cheap, cheap, cheap" when they see me.
Any one else have these experiences?!
Our white leghorn roo Jack Frost will eyeball the sky and when he sees anything with wings flying by, he will say: Haaaaawwkkk, Haaaaaawwwwk, Hawwwk!
I really think that's where the word came from!
I don't know what my babies are saying, but I will tell you that when I peeked in the brooder box this morning, Pinoccio looked at me like, "What do YOU want, NOSEY?!?!"
My dad used to wait for the roos to let him know when they were ready for the freezer:
"I'm big enough to stew! I'm big enough to stew!"

Come to think of it, one of my big roos (haven't named him yet -- haven't had him long enough to come up with a fitting name) says that now when he crows.


Cheap, cheap, cheap is popular with the chicks, though. To bad it isn't cheap cheap cheap to buy food!
Roosters probably say cock a doodle doo when they need to pee and poo. [ cock a doodle doo ]
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You know that part in the movie, "Finding Nemo" where the sea gulls are all saying "MINE?MINE?MINE?MINE" ? I think when my girls see me they are all running up to me saying "Treeeeeat? Treeeeeat?Treeeeeat?"
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