What are your Spring 2021 hatching plans?


Jun 15, 2020
West Virginia
welp, i won’t be getting my speckled sussex hatching eggs. they discontinued them for 2021...i placed my order dec. 18 and they never said anything up until the order needed to be shipped out. so, went ahead with the assortment eggs...hopefully i don’t get any BR, leghorns, or black australorp eggs because i already have those. disappointed, but I didn’t exactly know what kind of pressure they’re under so I’m not going to get too up in arms over it


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Sally PB

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Aug 7, 2020
Belding, MI
DH is on board with getting more chickens this spring. Yay! I had thought about hatching some Buff Orpington over Black Australorp eggs, but don't want to deal with more cockerels, and the chance of boys would be too great.

I've fallen in LOVE with Blue Australorps. Has anyone ordered them as day old pullet chicks from a hatchery they would recommend? (Yes, there could still be males involved, but I'm going to do my best to avoid the issue.)

I had this as a separate thread, but no one replied. Maybe someone here will have some input? TIA!


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May 17, 2020
Red Level, AL
I've got 4 eggs in the incubator that will be sibblings to this young fella. Plus one lone egg from a hen that was killed by a possum. I knew it was hers because it was so small.. and none like it since.... My question is, at day 9 I can see the air space at the end of the egg, but can't see any veins or anything else developing due to the texture of the egg. Is it still viable, or just drying out inside? I'm leaving it in the incubator until I can definitely determine it is or isn't viable.


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