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May 5, 2022
So, I posted some pics/videos of my ducks/chickens on Facebook. A family member of mine commented on one saying, are you keeping your rooster separate from the hens? If not, you’ll get fertilized eggs & will essentially be eating fetuses. What are your thoughts on that comment? Stupid/silly question I know but my jaw dropped to the floor when I read it. Just wondering others thoughts on eating “fertilized” eggs.
I think that it is bull crap. Left unincubated, they will not start developing.
I never gave it a thought! Never even crossed my mind. I just couldn’t believe the comment & had to see if others thought the same as me, she’s a crazy commenter. Lol
There was a thread way back about funny comments on home raised eggs. It was hilarious! If I knew how to find it I would link it here. I remember someone said they'd been asked were the green eggs spoiled. :gig People can come up with crazy stuff.

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