What are your top tips and hacks when looking after chickens


Apr 30, 2020
What are your top tips and hacks when looking after chickens
Hello all...
Firstly i would like to thank you all for looking at my thread..
here you can upload you tips, tricks and hacks for looking after your flock...
One tip i have is to draw out a plan of my run so i can plan for unexpected issues.
I also would recommend the pestoff chicken feeder as its great for stopping rats from eating feed..
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Keep the food in a container so it's away from mice , double wire the chicken tractors, socialize with them so there friendly with you 😉
Use 1/2" or 1/4" square mesh/fencing for any outdoor enclosures or ventilation openings to keep your chickens worry free from predators, it's much more effective than chicken wire or and paige wire
Here are three of my favorite tips/tricks. On the left, pet food containers for grit and oyster shell. And center, a modified trash bin made into a no-spill feeder using PVC street elbows. No need for a separate storage container, we just dump the pellets right into this feeder. Our dog really likes the feed and was helping herself, but once we went to this type of feeder, she lost weight and our feed cost dropped significantly! 😆 Oh, Bonus Tip #4: put a traffic cone on top of the feeder and the chickens won't roost and poop on it!

i grow mint around my shed to stop the rats from living near there because rats dont like the smell of mint...
or if they are ill give them brandy... works a treat
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