What attacked my roo


Jul 23, 2020
Coons and possums will grab chickens. Frankly I kinda agree that looks like he was trying to escape.
He most likely just got stuck and the dog heard him and went to investigate.
That could be. All the blood is on one side of his pen and the hole is on the other. He was sleeping when I checked on him last night. Somehow his feeder ended up in the hole on the opposite side from where it should have been. I looked him over and found a small puncture on his leg. The feathers on one of his wings are a little mangled. Not bad though. There's also feathers up in a tree and he's missing some of his tail feathers that had just finally grown back from molting.
You need to add some hardware cloth to your pen to keep the varmints out. View attachment 2877136
Good idea

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