What bantam is this?

Oct 22, 2017
We bought 10 chicks from tractor supply, 1 that is black that we believe is a oegb, 4 chipmunk ones that are probably oegb, and 5 that we believe are buff bantam cochins, but I'm not 100% sure. 4 of the 5 have weird wing feathers that are pointed away from the body while the 5th one is laying beside it's body. Can buff cochins chicks have that happen, or are they a different breed?
Here are some pics


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Here are some pics
Yup. Definitely frizzles. Could you possibly take some pics wilt flash, so I can see the coloring properly? You can post pics of the other too, if you want.
Frizzles can be absolutely stunning.....or they can be little rag dolls. It depends on their frizzling, breeding, and where they cam from. I got some from Ideal Poultry, and they were just wonderful! But it you aren't careful, they will have are spots, and aren't the prettiest. I hope you get some good ones!
Here's some more pics. We bought some more chicks from the hatchery, 10 are light brahmas, 10 mille fleurs, and 10 regular buff cochin bantams but they stuck an extra one in there by accident. So, we'll have 12 regular buff cochin bantam and 4 frizzles.


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Frizzles are not a specific breed but are a type of feather. Generally though Cochins tend to produce more frizzles than other breeds. The thing to remember about frizzles is DON'T BREED a frizzle to another frizzle. The resulting chicks will have very brittle feathers that tend to break off and have bald areas.

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